Production Portfolio
What do you want to see?
Lady in Red
Let's combine two passions: Eating good steaks and camping! Well, this is definitely not a clip for Veggies 😉
Juwelier Kohler
We got lucky enough to help our friend Fabian with creating content for their channels.
IB/E Smartfinder Pro
film & strategy
Wanna see how to properly scout for future Cine Productions? Seppi explains you how! 🤘
Content Production
"Lady in Red"
Our Client WEINSBERG approached us in late 2021 with the request to help for their upcoming launch of the all new EDITION [PEPPER] built on Mercedes.
Dennis, our 100% caravan expert came up with three great ideas. Shows sales people can be creative aswell! Dennis basically combined his two passions: Eating good steaks and camping. Why not make a proper PEPPER steak and with that reveal the new MB model? Well, this is definitely not a clip for Veggies, hehe.
The entire Production was shot within one day in Augsburg. Thru proper Planning on our Creative side we had good time management (and luck) and even made it possible to get one last drone shot before the sun sets.
Deliverables & turnover
Two days after Production we delivered the first drafts. Two weeks later we delivered all the final versions for different channels. Even in 5+ different languages.